Key Positions

My beliefs and convictions are unwavering. They’re never for sale. Please know I’ll always stand firm for the issues important to the freedom and liberty of Illinois and the local communities we all call home.


Jed Davis

Less Not More

11,270 is the number of bills and resolutions proposed by our current general assumbly (as of February 1st). Yikes!!! Springfield doesn't need more legislation, it needs legislators who will simply say no and Jed will consistently say no. No mandates, no taxes, and no more fake conservatives.

Restore 2A Freedoms

Eliminate foid cards. Eliminate “red flags” endorsed / proposed by our opponent. Phase out concealed carry restrictions.

Reduce Taxes

Reduce unfunded mandates to lower property taxes. Reduce gas taxes (currently the second highest in the nation).

Redirect Sex Education

Remove sex education from the state’s umbrella (saving millions) and create an independent coalition to teach this topic.

Eliminate CRT

Eliminate critical race theory from schools. If the state is unwilling to step this direction, we’ll go district by district.

Ban Mandates

It’s simple, create legislation banning the executive branch from passing consecutive executive orders. 

Assist Foster Parents

Revamp simple practices like advancing board payments to assist foster parents and thus removing barriers to foster care.

  • Supports Union Construction 100% 100%
  • Supports School Choice 100% 100%
  • Supports Removing Regulatory Constraints 100% 100%
  • Supports Public Education 100% 100%
What about the second amendment?

Jed is a life member of both the American Trapshooting Association (ATA) and National Rifle Association (NRA). He’s also a member of Downers Grove Sportsmen’s Club, Guns Save Life (GSL), and the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA). He’s the lead coach of Parkview Christian Academy’s trapshooting team where roughly 50 to 60 athletes from 6th to 12th grades compete through the Illinois State High School Clay Target League. He’s an avid waterfowl hunter as well.

Jed despises the Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card and firmly believes it’s time to void the FOID. All to say, we’re not sure you could find a more pro second amendment candidate anywhere.

What about the governor's mandates?

Jed believes Illinois is using your children and grandchildren as pawns, perpetuating an illusion of control, by threatening schools through the IHSA and ISBE. It’s sickening and it simply must stop. Together, we the people are exactly the ones to stop it. Let’s unite, stand up, and say no. Also, please know Jed isn’t anti mask or anti vaccine. He’s simply pro individual / parent choice.

Jed’s track record speaks for itself as board president of Parkview Christian Academy. He’s been challenging the governor and promoting parent choice since June of 2020. While filing legislation and writing letters are important, he believes rallying local communities and movements truly propels change.

What about taxes?

Let’s first unpack some facts. Illinois ranks 30 out of 50 for economy and 50 out of 50 for fiscal stability per the US News and World Report. These rankings should make everyone annoyed and frustrated! Illinois is literally in last place. Jed believes taxes are the problem, not the solution. Illinois can’t tax it’s way out of last place, but Illinois can budget it’s way out of last place. This state desperately needs fiscal responsibility and Jed will consistently vote no to taxes.

Also, back room politics must stop. Democrats currently pull supposed conservatives into “back rooms” offering district dollars in exchange for votes. Votes like raising your gas taxes. It’s nonsense and I’ll never participate. We must stop carrying their water and win back Illinois!

What about schools?

Communities need thriving public schools, private schools, and home school groups and they should all support one another. Public schools are literally the identify and spirit of communities like Yorkville, Somonauk, Sandwich, Oswego, Newark, Morris, and Lisbon. Did you know Jed graduated from Lisbon Grade School and Newark High School? Trust us, he fully supports public education!

Jed wholeheartedly opposes mandates from the governor involving masks, vaccines, etc. These items should always be a family’s or individual’s choice, not a governor’s mandate. Jed also opposes the recent legislation / curriculum around critical race theory and sex education. It’s a continued intrusion of government into areas where parents should rule. We must push back and push out this intrusion on every level.

Jed also fully supports school choice and would vote for vouchers in a heartbeat, even if only applicable for public schools!

What about police and fire?

Jed’s oldest daughter is an emergency medical technician and volunteer firefighter here in Illinois. He also has both family and friends actively involved in law enforcement. All police and fire have his utmost support and respect. They’re the ones on the line day in and day out serving and protecting our communities. Jed is grateful for their commitment and willingness to run towards danger whenever and wherever presented.

What about family values?

Jed highly values faith, family, and freedom and believes all three go hand in hand, meaning strong faith promotes strong family promotes strong freedom. His family is a foster family through the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). They’ve fostered multiple children, even adopting their youngest daughter from foster care. He’ll defend family values with every action, comment, and vote.

How do we reclaim our communities?

Jed isn’t downplaying the importance of filing legislation or writing letters, but let’s be honest, the likelihood of success here is slim. After all, the democrat party currently controls Illinois. So, we need a fresh approach and here’s where you’re vitally important.

Don’t ever forget, the power is and always will be with the people. Jed believes in a three step approach: 1) acknowledging “movements” of people, 2) connecting with them, and 3) empowering them. Change will ultimately follow by simply leveraging we the people!


Pro America


Anti Mandate


Pro Family