About Me

I highly value family, finances, and freedom and believe all three go hand in hand. Make no mistake, these values are under attack by both political parties. The time for true conservative leadership is now and change will ultimately follow by simply leveraging we the people.


Jed Davis

Jed is a 5th generation resident of Kendall County. He married his high school sweetheart, Melissa, over 21 years ago and together they have four children with one being adopted from foster care. They currently live in Newark. He graduated from Lisbon Grade School, Newark High School, and ultimately Valparaiso University with a degree in civil engineering.

Jed is a firm believer in local government and the freedom of local boards to direct the institutions they represent without overreach from state agencies or officials. This belief is far from our current reality and it’s time we the people reclaim our communities and schools.

Jed has served as board president of Parkview Christian Academy in Yorkville since 2010, proudly leading the charge against the out of bounds leadership of Governor Pritzker and the Illinois State Board of Education.

Jed values family, finances, and freedom. All three are indispensable to his daily life and he’ll defend them with his dying breath.

  • Pro Family 100% 100%
  • Pro Local 100% 100%
  • Pro School 100% 100%
  • Anti Mandate 100% 100%
  • Anti Tax 100% 100%

Endorsed by Local Business Owners

Bob Elleson - Local Business Owner, Morris
Angie Grandgeorge - Owner of Ivy Oaks Floral, Somonauk
Gregg Ingemunson 
- Local Attorney, Yorkville
Keith Moore - Local Business Owner, Oswego
Keith Mouis - Branch Manager, Yorkville
Jim Ratos - Owner of Burnt Barrel, Grace Coffee & Wine, Lakeview Grille, and Parkway, Yorkville
More TBA Soon

Endorsed by Local Farmers

Scott Friestad - Local Farmer, Newark
Dan Mitchell - Local Farmer, Marseilles
More TBA Soon

Endorsed by Local Officials

Andrea Houdek - Precinct Committeeman, Kendall County
Rich Felstad - Trustee, Northville Township
Alexander Kennedy - Founder, Stamp Act Pac
Dan Mitchell - School Board President, Milton Pope
Keith Moore - Precinct Committeeman, Kendall County
Paul Pope - Village President, Lisbon
Kindra Pottinger - County Board Member, LaSalle County
Beth Smith - Precinct Committeeman, LaSalle County
More TBA Soon

Endorsed by Organizations

Illinois Family Action
Protect Parents' Rights
Stand for Health Freedom
More TBA Soon