My Opponent

My opponent is David Welter and he’s your current republican representative, only his record is far from the republican platform. This page simply states the facts of his voting record for your consideration.


Jed Davis

Eliminates Gender Distinctions

David Welter voted to eliminate any legal distinctions between genders. (SJRCA0004)

Fights Against 2A

David Welter voted for additional restrictions to gun owners. (HB1468)

Fundraises with Liberals

David Welter fundraised with anti-gun, anti-life liberal Rep. Kelly Cassidy.

Increases Gas Taxes

David Welter voted to double your gas tax, now the second highest in the nation. (SB1939)

Increases Utility Rates

David Welter voted for the largest utility rate payer increase in history. (SB2408)

Supports Adam Kinzinger

David Welter accepted $20,000 in contributions from Adam Kinzinger.

Ready for Change

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